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Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church
Pearsall, TX
Marriage Registry (1900 - 1938)

The following information was obtained from Latter Day Saints microfilm files located in San Antonio, TX. 1000 marriages were on this microfilm. The information recorded on these marriage records are what is provided here, plus (1) place and year of baptism for bride and groom, (2) names of all parents, and (3) names of witnesses. I did not have enough space to record the baptism data, parents names, and witnesses (Padrinos).

Often baptism information will provide clues to where your ancestors came from. Additionally, the Padrinos (Witnesses) if not related, are often the married couples closest friends. If you need this information for genealogy purposes please e-mail me with the name of the married couple, which has to be on this list, and the date of marriage.

Remember I only have information for couples on this list. Also, I will furnish you with the information as time permits. My e-mail address is: John Hawley

This listing was made by John Hawley in 1999.

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Grooms Name Brides Name Marriage Date Residence
Abrego, Alberto Villarreal, Julia 9/20/18 Pearsall
Acevedo, Rosendo Galan, Bernabe 9/15/12 Pearsall
Acevero, Regino Garcia, Juliana 3/29/05 Pearsall
Acosta, Jacinto Gonzalez, Ysidra 10/12/28 Pearsall
Acosta, Marciano Escobeda, Elisa 5/2/31 Dilley
Adame, Felipe Flores, Petra 4/6/19 Pearsall
Aguero, Braulio Ramon, Juanita 6/29/18 Pearsall
Aguero, Faragosa Borrego, Tomasa 10/15/20 Pearsall
Aguilar, Candelario Hernandez, Simona 8/15/31 Pearsall
Aguilar, Emilio Sanchez, Santos 7/16/31 Pearsall
Aguilar, Eusebio Pena, Petra 9/12/25 Pearsall
Aguilar, Gabino Garza, Juanita 1/4/05 Pearsall
Aguilar, Jorge Jiminez, Ladislada? 9/15/12 Pearsall
Aguilar, Lucio Silva, Juanita 10/17/10 Pearsall
Aguilar, Manuel Guerra, Francisca 10/25/14 Dilley
Aguilar, Mariano Cortez, Lasara 11/19/07 Pearsall
Aguilar, Mauricio Martinez, Dominga 1/19/07 Pearsall
Aguilar, Pedro Chavez, Cruz 6/7/36 Pearsall
Aguilar, Pedro Ovalle, Andrea 7/9/38 Dilley
Aguirre, Sixto Tijerina, Juana 11/17/09 Dilley
Albiar, Eusebio Mercado, Jesusa 9/3/11 Dilley
Alcala, Luis Olvera, Trinidad 7/28/27 Pearsall
Alcantara, Carmen Rivera, Porfircia 7/14/18 Pearsall
Aldaco, Baltasar Cepeda, Antonia 12/2/22 Pearsall
Aldaco, Guillermo Perez, Guadalupe 8/28/12 Dilley
Alejandro, Miguel Saldivar, Guadalupe 9/23/15 Hugo-Dilley
Alley, Burney Geyer, Juliana 4/25/32 Goldfinch
Alonzo, Estaban Diaz, Jacinta 8/3/29 Derby
Alvarado, Anastasio Moreno, Romualda 2/25/07 Pearsall
Alvarado, Catarino Segovia, Manuela 10/6/22 Pearsall
Alvarado, Sabino Salazar, Juana 12/9/23 Pearsall
Alvarez, Bernabe Madero, Candida 3/15/08 Dilley
Alvarez, Santiago Trevino, Eulalia 5/5/35 Laredo - Pearsall
Alvarez, Vicente Maldonado, Serapia 10/13/05 Moore
Anate, Juan Alcala, Ygnacia 11/8/16 Pearsall
Anda, Agapito de Rios, Lilia 9/11/37 Derby
Anda, Matilde de Orosco, Ynocencia 5/19/23 Pearsall
Anda, Ramon de Obregon, Maria 10/3/25 Pearsall
Anda, Refugio de Sauceda, Juanita 3/1/24 Pearsall
Anda, Ygnacio de Briones, Gabina 7/14/11 Pearsall
Andrade, Aurelio Navarro, Eloisa 8/23/17 Dilley
Aranda, Concepcion Aguilar, Sabina 6/9/35 Pearsall
Aranda, Cornelius Rosales, Maria 6/4/16 Pearsall
Aranda, Eliseo Sanchez, Juanita 11/24/23 Pearsall
Aranda, Genearo Leon, Juana de 1/4/29 Dilley
Aranda, Jesus Graza, Juana 8/19/24 Pearsall
Aranda, Leonardo Salinas, Juliana 8/27/33 Dilley
Arausa, Juan Rodriguez, Ynes 6/11/01 Moore
Arellano, Casimiro Garcia, Lucia 5/18/16 Pearsall
Arellano, Jesus Rubalcabal, Casimira Oct1929? Pearsall
Arellano, Maximino Saldivar, Wenceslada 4/16/33 Pearsall
Arguello, Monico Castillo, Justa 4/15/28 Pearsall
Arroyo, Pedro Mendoza, Refugia 1/27/27 Dilley
Ayala, Adolfo Rodriguez, Maria 1/21/28 Pearsall
Ayala, Andres Garza, Maria 2/28/12 Dilley
Ayala, Jorge Trevino, Martina 9/5/06 Dilley
Ayala, Juan Mendez, Cruz 2/21/37 Goldfinch
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(W)=Widow or Widower
(?)=Correct spelling of name uncertain

Last updated 9/27/1999.

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