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Frio County Marriage Records (1871 - 1900)

An attempt was made to transcribe all information (spelling) exactly as it appeared. Many of the names were obviously misspelled.

When the marriage applicants could not speak or write English and the County Clerk(s) could not speak the applicant's language, then the name was spelled phonetically resulting in a tremendous amount of errors. For instance, I am sure that "Garcer" means "Garcia, "Gimenes" means "Jimenez," and "Allala" means "Ayala." Occasionally, the bride/groom columns have the wrong gender entered in them . When reviewing this list you have to keep an open mind in trying to determine what name the County Clerk was trying document.

This listing was made by John Hawley in 1999.

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Grooms Name Brides Name Marriage Date Note
Adamir, Henry Perales, Parublo 11/20/1892
Adams, S.W. Speers, Ellen S. 02/23/1879
Adams, T.J. Little, Martha 04/15/1895
Adams, W.A. Adcock, Maggie 08/31/1884
Adams, W.A. Wolfe, Japii 10/06/1894
Adams, W.A. Tankersley, M.J. 11/14/1894
Ake, Chas. H. Jones, L.T. 12/30/1882
Alamon, Leonica (F?) Moreno, Francisco (M?) 06/20/1892
Albarado, Melecio Moreno, Emelda 11/10/1900
Allen, Bill Sanchez, Ignacio 05/18/1896
Allen, E. Donaldson, Lucinda May 09/18/1890
Allen, James Jones, Nina 12/20/1899
Allen, William J. Berry, Anie E. 12/50/1872
Almonos, Drildo Hernandez, Yeria 01/24/1900
Alvarado, Anastacio Morano, Remalda 11/07/1898
Alvares, Theodora Castro, Francisca 02/09/1896
Anderson, Clement Packwood, Mary 07/15/1885
Andrades, Padro Gondria, Tula 08/25/1877
Arenandez, Jose Maria Mascord, Petra 09/20/1888
Armstrong, J.M. Cats (Cots?), Sarah 10/29/1882
Armstrong, John G. Watson, Helen 08/13/1900
Armstrong, S.A. Cude, Little 08/10/1898
Armstrong, Sam Cunningham, Louisa 02/06/1887
Armstrong, W.S. Williams, Callie 07/31/1898
Arnold, J.N. Applewhite, S.G. 07/07/1897
Arnold, W.A. Cronin, Julian 03/27/1895
Arocha, Jose Maria Arocha, Josefa 12/17/1888
Arose, Candelario Cardenas, Alta Garcia 01/14/1893
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LEGEND: (?)=Correct spelling of name uncertain

Last updated 10/20/1999.

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